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CleanUp and Wall Transformation

MAD's most popular activity campaign completes 5 dozen cleanups, in which the group through its own pocket-money resources procures gloves and masks; arranges for sacks and goes to the dirtiest garbage hotspots of the city. This activity serves two main purposes. Firstly, the local people are sensitized as regards maintaining the cleanliness of their own areas. Secondly, the Government authorities are also put to shame for being unable to maintain hygiene.

Care for Children.

In pursuance of greater soul satisfaction all our members, MAD has organizing frequent entertainment programs at Raphael home and Prem Dham, while the former is home to many specially abled children, while the latter is resident of old people who are in love.

Pack Up Polythene

In these campaign MAD combine its ground activisms with a policy level pursuit. MAD organized 3 major activities to distribute its self-made paper bags in both busy market area ie., Paltan Bazar as well as residential colony. In first attempt 1600 paper bags, im second 50,000 paper bags were distributed.


On our founders day, ie., 8th June, we organize a Marathon (MAD-A-THON) Dehradun's annual mini marathon, to raise awareness for saving the dying stream of Doon valley. In first Marathon, 450 people, in second marathon, 750 people, in third marathon, 950 people and in fourth, 1500 people participated

About Us

MAD has conducted over 200 activities and also been very active on the policy level. The group has filed close to a dozen RTIs on the improper garbage disposal system of the city, the higher education system marred by corruption, regarding the streams of Doon Valley and likewise.

In this journey, our greatest strength has been the support from the youth of Dehradun in our activities.

Latest Activities, Programs and Involvement.

Smart City Dehradun. Ongoing from October 2015
MAD-A-THON Comming Soon... June
Wall Transformation. In total 25+ wall transformation


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